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Conquering Diabetes One Patient at a Time

Diabetes Wellness Clinic of America is transforming the way diabetes is being treated, by applying the Ambulatory Reversal Program - ARP protocols developed and clinically tested by Hope Diabetes Center on almost 3,000 patients since 2001.

It is a Culturally sensitive, Scientifically grounded, Evidence based, Clinically tested system that minimizes or completely eliminates the necessity of pharmacological interventions for the majority of Type II diabetics - for the balance of their lifetimes! More than 90% of our Type II patients have had their A1C levels drop below the generally accepted normal high range for this key test - and stay there for as long as they remain in the ARP protocol. This dramatic improvement occurs, in most cases, within the first 30 - 60 days in our program. This groundbreaking system works effectively on virtually everyone – even Type I 10 Reasons you should rethink your diabetes treatmentdiabetics. Dr. Martinez Video

Why Diabetes Wellness Clinic of America?

Over the last six years several major Arizona insurance companies have awarded Dr. Martinez significant annual funding due to the effectiveness of his treatment on their patients, among them; HealthNet of Arizona, Pacific Care and Mercy Care - Arizona’s Medicaid program. They have recognized his program for being highly cost effective, and the reason is simple; we has been able to help place the patient in the path to reverse diabetes, which not only saves lives and suffering, but in the process we save money for the insurers due to our high level of positive outcomes.

Benefits of Hope Diabetes Center - ARP program:

  • Stage Two Remession (Complete) and Three Remession (Reversal).
  • We will help reduce or eliminate your diabetic medications - permanently - including insulin!
  • We will help return your metabolic levels such as A1C levels to NORMAL within 90 days!
  • You will be able to personally measure the improvement in your health and the increased quality of your life within 21 days!


The Truth about Type II Diabetes Desease

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is characterized by 5 major metabolic abnormalities: (1) Pancreas Dysfunction, (2) Insulin Resistance, (3) Small Bowel Hormonal Imbalance, (4) Liver Dysfunction, (5) Gut and (6) Doctors.


Hope Diabetes Center Fiber Point System




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How the ARP Protocol Works...What is Diabetes


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Last week I began a discussion about a modern epidemic, a deadly disease that one of every two of you have, a disease that's making you fat, sick and will kill you, but 90 percent of you don't even know you have it. This disease is diabesity, the continuum of abnormal biology that ranges from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes. This week I want to explain the real causes of diabesity and provide eight steps you can take to reverse this disease starting today. The Real Causes of Diabesity The entire spectrum of diabesity including all of its complications -- diabetes, elevated blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol -- are simply downstream symptoms that result from problems with diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxins interacting with our unique genetic susceptibilities. Those are the real causes of diabesity. And the reason these dietary and lifestyle factors lead to diabesity is because they create a condition known as insulin resistance. Contrary to what most people think, Type 2 diabetes is a disease of too much, not too little, insulin. Insulin is the real driver of problems with diabesity. When your diet is full of empty calories and an abundance of quickly-absorbed sugars, liquid calories and carbohydrates (like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes), your cells slowly become resistant to the effects of insulin and need more and more to do the same job of keeping your blood sugar even. Thus you develop insulin resistance. A high insulin level is the first sign of a problem. The higher your insulin levels are, the worse your insulin resistance. Your body starts to age and deteriorate. In fact, insulin resistance is the single most important phenomenon that leads to rapid and premature aging and all its resultant diseases, including heart disease, stroke, dementia and cancer. As your insulin levels increase it leads to an appetite that is out of control, increasing weight gain around the belly, more inflammation and oxidative stress, and myriad downstream effects including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low HDL, high triglycerides, weight gain around the middle, thickening of the blood and increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer's and depression. These are all a result of insulin resistance and too much insulin. Elevated blood sugar is not the source of the problem. And because insulin resistance (and diabesity) are a direct outcome of diet and lifestyle, the condition is 100 percent reversible in the vast majority of cases. Most people just need to eliminate the things that are sending their biology out of balance and include what's needed to help the body rebalance itself. For most, the interventions required are extremely simply and extraordinarily effective.