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Launched in 2007, the DWCoA supports the prevention and treatment of diabetes worldwide. We promote education, health care infrastructure, drug information and ongoing monitoring of doctors and mentoring of diabetes patients.

We have witnessed first-hand the impact that diabetes has on the people we care about. Most diabetes patients still do not understand or appreciate the degree to which diabetes affects one's health or how many complications are connected with the illness.

DWCoA is dedicated to changing the impact of diabetes - how doctors treat diabetes, how diabetics understand their disease, how it is viewed around the world, and how the future of this disease plays out.

As a world leader in the reversal of Type II diabetes and pre-diabetes,DWCoA believe this to be our responsibility. This is a goal that cannot be achieved through science alone. We have to effect change at every level - in science and research, in humanitarianism and outreach efforts, in education, and in government and public policy worldwide.

DWCoAwill fight until we have eradicated Diabetes completely.  We thank Dr. Pedro Martinez from Hope Diabetes Center and his medical team for making this website possible. The resources Dr. Martinez dedicates to diabetes research are unparalleled in diabetes treatment. We can accomplish our goal only by working together. Nothing is more important to us than helping to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Our job is to inspire hope and deliver real solutions that fit the way people want to live.

  • We can embrace the advancements identified by the research of Dr. Pedro Martinez.
  • We can enable diabetics to live their lives on their own terms.
  • We can help to eliminate the diabetics epidemic.

DWCoAis the leader in exposing the truth about the more effective treatment of diabetes. Defeating diabetes is our passion and our business. By fighting this growing epidemic together, we know we can reach our goal of changing the treatment of the disease, and ultimately defeating it.

Max Martin

Dr. Pedro J Martinez

Medical Advisory

We are assembling our executive team to expand Dr. Pedro Martinez program to legions of others suffering from this disease. The founding members of this team have spent their lives providing quality health care in the United States and abroad. They have seen and treated the effects of diabetes, and the related suffering taking place in the lives of those so afflicted and their families.

Dr. Martinez, a Board Certified internist, began specializing in diabetes in the late 1990s. During this time he began analyzing techniques by which he could measure the outcomes of his different treatment protocols. Through considerable effort and trial and error, Dr. Martinez was able to refine his protocols and began treating diabetics in 2001 in a way that has provided remarkable success. Hope Diabetes Center's vast data bank of the patients he has treated with his new protocols, exhibits such a remarkable success rate that it is destined to have worldwide ramifications.

The impact is obvious. By reversing more than 90% of Type II diabetics and many with Type I as well - previously thought impossible - Dr. Pedro Martinez' Phoenix Project Program will considerably reduce the suffering endured by those with this disease, and secondarily save immeasurable dollars in the process.

Over the last six years several major Arizona insurance companies have awarded Dr. Martinez significant annual funding due to the effectiveness of his treatment on their patients, among them; HealthNet of Arizona, Pacific Care and Mercy Care - Arizona's Medicaid program. They have recognized his program for being highly cost effective, and the reason is simple; we has been able to help place the patient in the path to reverse diabetes, which not only saves lives and suffering, but in the process we save money for the insurers due to our high level of positive outcomes.




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